Pup Idol

Barking Mad Autumn Offer... book any holiday to be taken with your pet between September 1st and December 22nd with half-price booking fee. Please quote reference 'doggy18' when booking via the office on 01947 603010.

Below, are 10 pictures of dogs submitted by their owners via our Facebook page. All the entrants are delightful and we have really enjoyed looking through them, however we have had to whittle it down from over 500 to the 10 finalists selected by our team � and here they are!

Please vote for your favourite to be the Whitby Holiday Cottages 2019 Top Pooch! To keep this fair we will use your email address to ensure you can only vote for one dog.


"Think we should have called him 'Whitby' instead of Nibs, he loves being on holiday there."

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"My Edith in Whitby. Visiting again in August."

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"Barley loves running up and down the 199 steps while posing half way up"

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"Moses loves Whitby, his iPad and watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean'"

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"This is my Angel, my 11 year old Springerdor, loving the sunshine!!"

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"Hello, my name is Frank, I am four, and I love having my picture taken."

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"This is my mates dog Arvy, a nearly 3 year old cocker spaniel, a very photogenic lovely little man."

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"Bonnie, our nearly 7 year old Bearded Collie Cross rescue dog. She loves the beach."

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Rodney and Sophie

"Dad and daughter Rodney and Sophie love there days on the beach! Xx"

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"This is Sophie, she loves the beach as much as we do"

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